Are USA Online Judi Online Casinos Safe In 2014? Safest U.S. Casinos



Many Americans still ask if online casinos are safe in 2014. I suppose that the question is still valid in some aspects but it is not 1999 any more. Millions of people in the United States of American gamble at Internet casinos for real money in 2014. Even more play poker and bet on sports. Even online bingo has a huge following in the USA. Are all USA online casinos safe in 2014? No. Are all USA brick & mortar casinos safe? No. Are all USA banks safe? No. It is a question of degrees. US friendly casinos that are considered unsafe do not simply steal your  money. For the most part they payout with a problem. They are only considered unsafe because of unfair Judi Online bonus wagering requirements and/or slow payouts. You really won’t find Internet casinos doing anything more shady than that. You can avoid all of that by only playing at safe U.S. casinos in 2014 that are both extremely popular and trusted. They are not hard to identify. USA online casinos that have been online for a decade or more that have millions of happy customers and reliable, fast U.S. payouts are generally the casinos found at the top of every list. Big names like, Win Palace,  OnBling, Ruby Royal and Miami Club come to mind. These are the safest U.S. casinos in 2014 and savvy online casinos gamblers will notice something important about this list of safe USA online casinos. They are each the leading U.S. casino on a different casino network for the most part. Miami Club is the top WGS casino, Win Palace is the best and safest RTG casino, Ruby Royal heads up the Rival network and is in a class of their own in regards to safeness and trust because they are owned by Bovada/Bodog (the #1 US gambling site & #1 world-wide sportsbook in 2014) and because they use a customized Betsoft/RTG hybrid casino platform. They are the top new USA casino in 2014.


Guide To Safe Real Money Online Casino Gambling In The USA In 2014

safe casinos for americans in 2014Back in the day when online casinos were regarded as fringe technology, very few players had the courage to shift from land-based gaming to Internet venues. One of the main reasons for why players were reluctant to make this transition had to do with security as many doubted the fact that online casinos were actually safe. Most of the worries have been put to rest over the years, but there are still people who wonder whether their funds and personal information are safe over the Internet. American players have even more reasons to be concerned, because in the absence of favorable legislation, they are pit between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, they need to settle for a handful of casinos that accept USA players in 2014, on the other, they risk choosing rogue operators, since the industry is not properly regulated. In order to mitigate the risk, one should read a couple of reviews and stick to those online casinos that have been around for a while and whose reputation precedes them.


Finding Safe Casinos Open To U.S.A. Citizens In 2014

By opening an account with Casino, OnBling Casino, Miami Club Casino, Casino or Bovada Casino in 2014 to name but a few, players are unlikely to run into trouble. Add to this the fact that the aforementioned casinos offer first deposit bonuses and various promotions for loyal customers and US-based players have no reason to look elsewhere for online action. These casinos are also audited by three party testing companies, which is of great importance in this line of work.

Most of the casinos who operate on a global scale are tightly regulated and auditors further increase security, by making sure that the casinos keep the bar high. It is not only the money that needs to be protected from hackers and wrongdoers of all sorts, but also personal information. Identity theft has emerged as a huge problem and with social networks and online casinos playing an increasingly big part in people’s lives, handling sensitive data is of critical importance.


Why Are Internet Casinos Safe For US Players In 2014?

Another thing that used to be a source of concern for prospective players had to do with the software itself, which was suspected of favoring the house heavily. The question is: are online casinos safe, in terms of ensuring fairness of games while keeping the house edge reasonably low? With the outcome of all the games being determined automatically, it all comes down to the Random Number Generators, which are elaborated algorithms, intended to keep the games fair.

Just as the name suggests, the results produced by these random number generators are impossible to predict, therefore nobody can anticipate the outcome. At least in theory, the software can be tweaked to favor the casino, but this is where auditors kick in and perform in-depth testing to prevent any source of abuse. The bottom line is that online casinos are every bit as safe as land-based ones and even though risks do exist in both brick-and-mortar and Internet venues, players have the power to mitigate the risks.