Pamela Anderson and QQWIN99


I asked the QQWIN99 Shrink why ‘Pamela Anderson’ and ‘Poker’ just seemed to go together. Now the Shrink is a smart guy but his answer was eye-opening, he said:

“For the same reason that Pamela Anderson and bikini go together; and Pamela Anderson and mustard; or Pamela Anderson and a flea bomb.”

I guess what he was saying is that it ain’t about what comes after the “and” it’s all about the “Pam”.

Anyway, Pamela has indeed landed her poker player husband or at least she and Rick Salomon have taken out a marriage license in Las Vegas. We wish them all the best but we also imagine the MTV Award Show in 2009, where the red carpet will feature a tag team match between Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, Rick Salomon and whomever comes after Rick on the Pamela ‘ex’-list.

By the way, the suggestion by my girlfriend that I only write about Pamela Anderson so I can post photos of her is simply untrue. This is about poker and other important issues of the day.

Poker Trifecta

22-year-old James McManus from Dublin, Ireland has come up with three very interesting wins on Party Poker recently. First he was the big winner of’s ‘The Grind’ promotion, winning a Mini Cooper S Convertible in a prize drawing. He followed that up by winning a Nintendo Wii when he came sixth at the final table of a ‘Grindroll’ tournament, and, if this wasn’t enough, less than two months ago he won $52,000 in the Bad Beat Jackpot!!

James noted:

“It has been a good couple of months. I didn’t have many debts but I’ve paid off all that I did have! I intend to use some of the money to build a bankroll for online cash games. I’ve thought …

Selling your Ecommerce Business


You have put your time, effort, and money into your ecommerce business.  Despite all that hard work, an opportunity to sell private investment trust might come up that you just can’t refuse. You want to be an informed seller.  There are several conditions to consider when selling a digital enterprise.  We will cover them all in order to help you get the highest possible price when the time comes to sell.

Let’s get down to business.

The worth of your ecommerce business

There are many factors that must be considered when calculating the value of an ecommerce business.  Some are affected by external elements, such as the price buyers are willing to pay, the state of the market at time of sale, and your particular type of business. Nevertheless, some common variables to consider include:

Market position

Growth potential



Documented systems and processes for operations

New sales drivers


New customer channels and their breakdown

The image below represents the results of our analysis of 245 ecommerce business sales between 2010 and 2014. Those sales resulted in an approximately $117 million total transaction value.

The 2.51 average multiple is by far the most important number in this graphic.  It means that the average business sold for 2.51 times its annual profit. For example; if a business had $475,000 in profit in 2012, then on average, that business sold for roughly $1.19m [$475,000 x 2.51]

The relative price of businesses

Buyers are generally interested in one ratio: the return on investment versus the risk incurred. The higher the risk, the higher the asking price, and vice versa. The following ingredients diminish a buyer’s risk of future failure:

Traffic that is growing or at least stable, from several different sources

A long history of traffic stats from a reputable …

DIGITAL MARKETING MADE SIMPLE: A Jargon Free Review of Theory, Tools & Leveraging Human Psychology to SELL MORE


Whether you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, a non-technical or a digital marketer, this book will teach you everything you need to know about digital marketing concepts and tools, psychology concepts and resources for growing your business. You will be exposed to a wide range of psychological principles, and how they affect human judgment when people purchase online. Learn how to make use of fear, depression, the myth of “less is more”, first impressions, last impressions, priming, networks, obedience and many more, to your advantage. You are also introduced to a wide range of digital marketing tools that will support your online goals, from hijacking the mind of your audience, improving the reach of your products or automating almost every task in your business, to performing your own website technical audit and creating high-quality assets for a fraction of the cost you would be charged by a professional digital marketer. The evolution of digital marketing has less to do with brands themselves, but more about the new opportunity to make several choices.

This book demonstrates how to utilize psychology, relevant tools, and human bias to attract more followers and execute more effective digital marketing campaigns. What You Will Learn in This Book:

1.The book comprises the aspect of using psychology and human bias to influence purchase and engagement. You will learn about the tools and technology that is implemented to disrupt the market and beat your competitors.

2.Learn about the importance of SEO technical audits, including Google Search Console, Screaming Frog, SEO Powersuite, Siteliner, Responsinator, BuiltWith, WordPress Plugin Checkers, Theme Checker, Wayback Machine, YouGetSignal, Is.banned, Redirection, Back-ups, Page Speed Optimisation, and many more.

3.Learn about tools for building your own website with hosting, domain, CMS, themes, and plugins.

4.Outsourcing platforms have changed everything, making it easy for entrepreneurs …

Dennis Phillips, hk prize Final Table Chip Leader, Announces eBay Charity Sponsorship Auction.


Although the sum of the media attention surrounding the members of the November Nine could not be described as a furor, as the resumption of the hk prize main event final table on November 11th draws ever closer the media circus is beginning to ramp up. Despite the relative lull, claims he has kept a low profile since making the groundbreaking delayed, final table, 52 year old account manager Dennis Phillips has periodically found his way into the headlines.

Although his position as the table chip leader will naturally draw scrutiny, most of the media coverage seems enthralled by the fact that he falls outside the character of the stereotypical big money poker winner. Despite being plied by all the big name sites before he had even reached the final table the only sponsorship deals he allowed before play ended were two small Poker Stars patches on his hat and shirt.

Yesterday he unveiled plans to allow a second logo to adorn his apparel come November 11th, but he won’t be the one reaping the benefits. An auction on eBay, beginning tomorrow and concluding on the 26th October, will allow companies and individuals to bid for the rights to have their name advertised by the chip leader of the WSOP main event. All profits raised are going straight to a charitable concen close to Phillip’s heart – the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

His brother was diagnosed with the condition 10 years ago so it is no surprise to see that the worthy cause is the benefactor of his most generous donation so far. Having been involved with charities for a number of years, Phillips has leaped at the “opportunity of a lifetime” being on the final table presents him. He hpes that his good fortune can be used to …

Skin Care Tips and Advice

It looks like women over the centuries have been annoying to ideal their derma-logical work of art. All of us at some point in our lives fight with black spot, white patches and beautiful skin and umpteen other such problems. With a few tips and some try on your part, we can get you begun on a great regime for civilizing and maintain your gorgeous skin.

When we were younger beauty skin care issue relative to skin was not at all a problem. Maybe at that age such issues were not at all think as issues. The older you gain the more lines you strength see or more flaws you might distinguish.

Our skin is affected by factors that can be collection as intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic factors are those aspects, which relate to our genetic make-up. Our genes to some extent decide the dynamics of ageing which has a direct effect on our skin.

skin-care Skin Care Tips and Advice

Rest your fears if you consider your genes are the criminal to your unhealthy skin. It is prove that extrinsic factors have a more deep effect on our skin than intrinsic factors. It is actually easy to catch. If you do not eat correct and deprive yourself of nutrients care it is bound to reproduce on your skin. Likewise an unhealthy lifestyle where you deprive yourself of sleep, stress yourself out, smoke or avoid a routine of exercise shall also depart obvious symbols on your skin. To learn more about your interest on “cool springs plastic surgery reviews“, check here

Nearly whole thing you do can someway affect on your skin, whether positive or negative. Although apart from eating right and living right, our skin does require to be given additional care. Creams, face scrubs, cosmetics etc. …

Bingo toto sgp Faces Jail Sentence

Earl Gene toto sgp, who was indicted last year for allegedly embezzling charity bingo money, recently pleaded guilty before Kentucky’s Boyd County Circuit Court. McClain, 63, an Ashland resident, faces one to five years in jail. The embezzler reportedly admitted that he failed to file all the required bingo slips. Nevertheless, he also claimed that he did not personally use the money designed to go to the Ashland Area Art Gallery.


The second indictment count, concerning his affiliation with a crime syndicate, was reportedly dropped after McClain collaborated with investigators and accepted to testify against other individuals involved in the case. Under the aforementioned plea agreement, McClain must pay back $10,000 to the bingo charity fund.


Antigua hits back at US gaming laws


The tiny Caribbean island state of Antigua and Barbuda has taken the first steps to haul the US back before the world trade court in a long-running dispute over internet gambling.


Antigua, which has a population of 68,000, says Washington has failed to comply with a World Trade Organisation ruling last year that US internet gambling laws discriminate against foreign suppliers. As a result, Antigua claims to have lost a large chunk of the rapidly growing offshore gaming business it has been building to diversify its economy away from tourism. US gamblers are estimated to account for about half the $12bn global internet gaming market.


This week, Antigua requested meetings with the US, a prelude to the establishment of a WTO panel to judge compliance. If, after any appeals, the WTO finds the US still in breach of fair trade rules Antigua can ask for permission to retaliate. “Obviously, we are going to have to be a bit creative in order to come up with something to motivate the Americans,” Mark …

Will Twitter become decentralized?


Jack Dorsey, founder and CEO of Twitter, revealed that his company wants to create a new standard for decentralized social media. The businessman said the company is now launching Blue Sky, a small, independent team whose main task will be to build a standard that will ultimately be the technological foundation of Twitter.

Twitter will follow the path of decentralization?

Twitter is still one of the largest social media platforms in the world. As you can see, today he is focusing on decentralization, arguing that it is time to abandon centralized solutions. Dorsey explains that the company is currently facing challenges that cannot be solved by any of the centralized technologies.

Twiiter’s CEO said the new team, bitcoin dice, would be completely independent of Twitter, adding that they would receive only limited guidance from the company:

Twitter is funding a small independent team of up to five open source architects, engineers, and designers to develop an open and decentralized standard for social media. The goal is for Twitter to ultimately be a client of this standard.

— jack ��������� (@jack) December 11, 2019

Blue Sky’s task will not only be to develop a decentralized protocol – Dorsey said Twitter wants the project to include an open community and encourage organizations, researchers, companies and leaders to “deep think”.

Dreams and reality

It sounds beautiful, but Dorsey’s ambitious project is still in its infancy. It is also known that Parag Agrawal, the main technical specialist of Twitter, will appear in the team, whose task will be to find a leader for him. For now, no one has been formally employed to work at Blue Sky. According to Agrawal, an ideal candidate for the leader of Blue Sky is an experienced veteran of the blockchain market with good knowledge of social …

Omaha Hi

Omaha Poker, or Omaha Hi, is a variation of Hold ’em played with four hole cards instead of two. At showdown, the best five-card hand using exactly two of your hole cards and three cards from the board wins. Unlike Hold ’em, you may not use more than three cards from the board. The betting and blinds are exactly the same as in Hold ’em.


At the beginning of each hand, each player is dealt four hole cards. There is a small blind, a big blind, and a round of betting.


In Pot Limit, a player can bet any amount from the minimum bet to the size of the pot. In a $5/$10 pot-limit game, the small blind is $5 and the big blind is $10. The first player can call toto hk  the big blind (in this case, $10), or raise to any amount up to the size of the pot. A raise must either equal or exceed the previous bet or raise. In this case, a pot-sized raise would be $25 ($5 small blind + $10 big blind + $10 call), meaning that, in total, player three can bet up $35. Supposing player three makes a toto hk -sized raise, the total pot is now $50.


If the next player wants into the hand, they must call $35, which is the size of player three’s bet. If they want to raise the maximum, they would bet $120, which equals the size of the pot ($50) plus a $70 raise ($35 call + $35 raise).


Omaha Your Hole Cards


Once the first round of betting is complete, the dealer then puts out a three card flop, just as in Hold ’em. There is a round of betting. In the above example, the minimum bet …




Phrases like “player privacy” and “opt-in” not in this vocabulary


Doing the rounds of casinos and portals this week was an offer to buy or trade player databases which clearly illustrates the need for a tougher official stance on the spam-merchants who create and sell these lists to email marketers, often without asking whether the players want to be “traded” or “bought”.


Daniel Bratt of Global Max is just one of a legion of salesmen working at getting as many online gamblers on their lists as possible. And it is clear from the content of the circular that although “opt-ins” (folks who agree to receive this stuff) are at a premium, the marketers are more concerned with incorrect email addresses than they are about sending out unsolicited marketing emails.


A recent US consumer survey carried out by the respected eMarketer company showed that 73 percent of American consumers are angry and frustrated at the continual bombardment of unsolicited marketing emails, and would like to see significantly tougher anti-spam measures.


The list-hunters described here, who boast an online gambler list of 4 million names are a good example of why they feel this way.




International Gaming & Entertainment Expo – IGE


There’s a new game in town and it is the IGE Expo, International Gaming & Entertainment. In an era when conferences dot the industry landscape and are held in venues from Toronto to Singapore professing to continuously inform and educate attendees, complemented by the latest technology and advancements on display by exhibitors, too many have become destinations for networking with a repetitive theme. That has led to a new and exciting partnership between one of the most sought after speakers for these conferences internationally and his organization with …

German Legal Translation

Translation Companies UK

German law is based on the Constitutional Law if Germany (1949) which was also adopted by East Germany following reunification.  Its roots stem back to Roman law, but German law also carries a strong Napoleonic influence.  German law is made up of public law, for matters involving the state (including criminal law) and private law.


Swiss law derives largely from the Swiss Civil Code which has been in force since 1912.  The Swiss Civil Code carries heavy influences of the German Civil Code and also some influences of the French Civil Code.  Swiss law is particularly highly developed in certain areas, e.g. finance and tax, and also varies from canton to canton.


Translating in and out of German, including Swiss and Austrian German, is one of our largest language combinations.  We have a very strong in-house German capability and have carefully built up relationships with a wide selection of world-class German translators.


Whether you’re looking to expand your business into a German market, or you want to build your existing presence a German-speaking country, we are the perfect partner.


Some of our German Legal translators



Ulrike is a native German speaker who has worked as a freelance translator since 2006. After graduating with an M.A. in German and English from the Humboldt University in Berlin, she went on to pursue a PhD in German and Scandinavian literature at the University of Michigan. After 8 years in the US, she moved to the UK, taking the Diploma in Translation exam with the Institute of Linguists. Her general paper was awarded Distinction, her technology paper received a Merit and as her other specialty she chose law. Apart from languages, Ulrike enjoys singing in choirs and taking walks in the British country side with her family.More about …