Phrases like “player privacy” and “opt-in” not in this vocabulary


Doing the rounds of casinos and portals this week was an offer to buy or trade player databases which clearly illustrates the need for a tougher official stance on the spam-merchants who create and sell these lists to email marketers, often without asking whether the players want to be “traded” or “bought”.


Daniel Bratt of Global Max is just one of a legion of salesmen working at getting as many online gamblers on their lists as possible. And it is clear from the content of the circular that although “opt-ins” (folks who agree to receive this stuff) are at a premium, the marketers are more concerned with incorrect email addresses than they are about sending out unsolicited marketing emails.


A recent US consumer survey carried out by the respected eMarketer company showed that 73 percent of American consumers are angry and frustrated at the continual bombardment of unsolicited marketing emails, and would like to see significantly tougher anti-spam measures.


The list-hunters described here, who boast an online gambler list of 4 million names are a good example of why they feel this way.




International Gaming & Entertainment Expo – IGE


There’s a new game in town and it is the IGE Expo, International Gaming & Entertainment. In an era when conferences dot the industry landscape and are held in venues from Toronto to Singapore professing to continuously inform and educate attendees, complemented by the latest technology and advancements on display by exhibitors, too many have become destinations for networking with a repetitive theme. That has led to a new and exciting partnership between one of the most sought after speakers for these conferences internationally and his organization with a widely recognized leader in the field of conference development…Mickey Charles and The Sports Network together with SRI, Strategic Research Institute.


“We believe,” stated Mr. Charles, “that it is time to change the pace, to bring the best speakers in the world together and have them address new, sought after topics. At the same time, we plan on introducing presenters and panelists who have much to offer but whose expertise and knowledge has not been sought after to date. That is a rectifiable mistake. There is a combination,” he continued, “that is mandatory. A value, an attendee leaving the conference with more than he or she brought with them and exhibitors doing more than meeting and greeting current clients. Networking is fine but it should evolve with a purpose and a beneficial, definitive result. We intend to change the landscape in a very positive fashion.”


Christopher Dauer, Senior VP for SRI, added, “Allying with Mickey Charles and his group was absolutely the right move for us. Anyone that has been privileged to hear Mickey speak knows that they can expect much more than they have ever experienced in the past. We will carry that theme forward. We are planning to accommodate Slot Gacor attendees in Europe and the U.S. by selecting the venues of Lisbon, Portugal and Orlando, Florida. Both are easy to reach by air and the hotels we have chosen in each are among the finest anywhere, Le Meridien and the Royal Pacific, respectively. Dates chosen are June 29th to July 1st for Lisbon and November 2nd to the 4th in Orlando.


“Presently,” he concluded, “we are accepting inquiries for attendance, exhibitors and sponsorships. That is being done through our offices in New York at 1212/967-0095 and with The Sports Network at 1215/441-8444, E-mail contact is via or There is definitely a new game in town, actually two of them, and we plan on the being the most informative and enjoyable to date..for this year and well beyond.”