Pamela Anderson and QQWIN99


I asked the QQWIN99 Shrink why ‘Pamela Anderson’ and ‘Poker’ just seemed to go together. Now the Shrink is a smart guy but his answer was eye-opening, he said:

“For the same reason that Pamela Anderson and bikini go together; and Pamela Anderson and mustard; or Pamela Anderson and a flea bomb.”

I guess what he was saying is that it ain’t about what comes after the “and” it’s all about the “Pam”.

Anyway, Pamela has indeed landed her poker player husband or at least she and Rick Salomon have taken out a marriage license in Las Vegas. We wish them all the best but we also imagine the MTV Award Show in 2009, where the red carpet will feature a tag team match between Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, Rick Salomon and whomever comes after Rick on the Pamela ‘ex’-list.

By the way, the suggestion by my girlfriend that I only write about Pamela Anderson so I can post photos of her is simply untrue. This is about poker and other important issues of the day.

Poker Trifecta

22-year-old James McManus from Dublin, Ireland has come up with three very interesting wins on Party Poker recently. First he was the big winner of’s ‘The Grind’ promotion, winning a Mini Cooper S Convertible in a prize drawing. He followed that up by winning a Nintendo Wii when he came sixth at the final table of a ‘Grindroll’ tournament, and, if this wasn’t enough, less than two months ago he won $52,000 in the Bad Beat Jackpot!!

James noted:

“It has been a good couple of months. I didn’t have many debts but I’ve paid off all that I did have! I intend to use some of the money to build a bankroll for online cash games. I’ve thought …