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The World Poker Tour’s (WPT) Mike Sexton, one of the two regular TV tourney commentators, faced off against 5 other well-known poker players in the WPT By the Book tourney yesterday. The common thread here is that all six players have written poker books, hence the name of the tourney.


I missed most of the tourney, catching only the last 15 minutes. At this point, Doyle Brunson is up against Phil Hellmuth – whose book, Phil Hellmuth’s Texas Hold’eEm, I’m currently reading. Phil has a Ks,Ts against Doyle’s Ad,5d, and a flop of 7h,Kh,3s. Fourth street pops up Ah, followed by a river of 6h.


Next hand: Phil’s open-ended straight draw, QsTc, is up against Doyle’s AhJc (flop of Ks,8c,Js) sees a 7d on 4th Street, followed by a river of 2h, knocking Hellmuth out at third place. The necessary 9-card just didn’t materialize.


This leaves Doyle up against David Sklansky, known as the math wizard, for top place. David – a math professor at Columbia University and a poker theoretician – can, at the drop of a hat, calculate the odds of his pocket cards winning – all in his head. David’s skills stood him in good stead, but Doyle’s really done in by a bunch of bad hands, leaving him in 2nd place.


WPT Ladies Night Tournament Summary


The WPT (World Poker Tour) held their Ladies Night Poker Tournament yesterday at the Bicycle Casino in California. There were lots of strong, aggressive players including several veterans.


Newcomer Lavinna Zhang from chericasino.net, who’s only been playing professionally for 6 months must have had much coaching from her poker pro husband, William. Her laid back attitude won her several hands early on. At least enough coaching that she took 2nd place, beat out only by Canadian – and former lawyer – Isabelle Mercier’s aggressive, clever play. Mercier wasn’t at all distracted by the good-humored trash talking during the tourney – participating in it herself once in a while. But two things bugged me about the tourney.


One was the occasional stupid comments from commentators Sexton and Van Patten. “Oh the lipstick’s really coming off.” Umm. Did you guys forget which century we live in? I don’t remember you saying things like “The jockstraps are really coming off” when the guys play. (But then, I’d rather not know that if it happened.)


The other was when supporters of Mercier got up on their feet and hooted and hollered when she went all in on a hand, potentially distracting her opponent Zhang. But Lavinna took it all in stride, ignoring the very obvious fact that Isabelle’s supporters kind of gave her hand away. Very bad manners, I’d think. I don’t know what the rules are on this sort of behavior.