Agen Taruhan Bola Terpercaya dan Berkelas

Agen Taruhan Bola Terpercaya dan Berkelas



Taruhan bola saat ini tentu saja merupakan hal yang sudah tidak asing lagi untuk  dilakukan. Banyak orang-orang di berbagai lapisan masyarakat sudah melakukan taruhan untuk pertandingan ini dari sejak dulu. Namun seiring semakin berkembangnya jaman dan teknologi, tentu cara yang digunakan juga semakin berbeda. Dulu orang mungkin hanya taruhan secara tradisional atau hanya bertaruh dengan teman-teman sepermainan mereka, satu grup, atau hanya sekedar iseng menjagokan salah satu tim yang dirasa lebih unggul daripada tim yang lain. Namun saat ini taruhan bola dapat dilakukan dengan cakupan masyarakat yang lebih luas. Taruhan bola sudah dapat dilakukan secara online melalui internet. Banyaknya taruhan bola di internet tentu saja membuat orang mencari agen taruhan bola terpercaya sebagai tempat mereka untuk bertaruh atau mendepositkan uang mereka.


Melakukan taruhan bola di agen taruhan bola terpercaya tentu saja membuat para bettor yang bertaruh memiliki perasaan yang nyaman ketika bertaruh sehingga mereka tidak perlu ragu-ragu untuk mendepositkan uang mereka. Biasanya agen resmi yang sudah memiliki banyak anggota merupakan salah satu agen yang dapat dipercaya dan kecil kemungkinan untuk melakukan penipuan kepada para membernya.


Banyaknya taruhan bola online yang dilakukan saat ini tak hanya dimanfaatkan oleh para bettor untuk menambah pundi-pundi uang mereka namun juga dimanfaatkan oleh beberapa oknum yang tidak bertanggung jawab. Mereka berpura-pura menjadi sebuah agen bola dan mengaku dapat membuatkan akun untuk anda. Tentu saja bagi para calon bettor yang ingin bergabung di salah satu agen bola hendaknya mencari info yang cukup lebih dahulu agar dapat terhindar dari penipuan para agen yang tidak bertanggung jawab dan dapat menemukan tempat taruhan bola terpercaya.


Situs Judi Bola Ibcbet untuk Pecinta Bola poker online terpercaya


Di dunia, ada bermacam-macam liga sepak bola. Hampir setiap Negara memiliki liganya masing-masing. Nah, buat pecinta sepakbola, liga sepakbola adalah sesuatu yang bisa dikategorikan sebagai sesuatu yang lebih …

Democrat lawmaker proposing Rubah4d bill to allow sports gambling

Democrat lawmaker proposing Rubah4d bill to allow sports gambling



Democrat wants it to ‘decriminalize’ office pools as well


Millions of Americans are placing bets on the NCAA men’s basketball tournament either in office pools or online.


But in Michigan, betting on sports is illegal.


A Detroit Democrat wants to change that. Rep. LaMar Lemmons III has introduced a bill that would allow sports pools at casinos.


Making office pools legal would be more complicated. Under state law, any expansion of gambling requires voter approval.


Lemmons’ bill would allow pools to accept wagers on almost all sporting events and set their own odds.


Lemmons said the bill would make Detroit more competitive as a Rubah4d gaming destination with Las Vegas and Atlantic City.


“We’re competing with one hand tied behind our backs,” Lemmons said. He said he didn’t have an estimate on how much money Detroit casinos could make, but he called it “substantial.”


The bill is before the House Government Operations Committee. Rep. Leon Drolet, its chair, has not scheduled it for a hearing.


“I’d personally support people’s ability to do whatever they want with their own money as long as they’re not hurting anybody else,” said Drolet, R-Macomb Township. “Bills like this come up every year around March Madness but haven’t gone anywhere.”


State police don’t have the resources to investigate every single private office pool, said Lt. Brian Albright, adding that MSP has investigated larger gambling pools that included non-sports betting.


Drolet said the bill should be expanded to include private office pools to “decriminalize what’s happening in every office across Michigan.”


But the odds are stacked against Lemmons’ bill. Even if the Legislature and governor back it, each potential sports betting pool would need voter approval. Proposal 1 of 2004 requires that …

No Language Mountain High Enough For Everest Poker

No Language Mountain High Enough For Everest Poker

Everest Poker have taken a step ahead of many other online poker sites by becoming multi-lingual. Grand Virtual Inc’ the software provider for Everest Poker can currently serve eight different language markets; Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portugese and Spanish. This should pave the way for millions of potential new poker players to join in the online action.

Jennifer Joyce, from Grand Virtual says “We decided to go multi-lingual because the software is powered by Grand Virtual, Inc, which has always been a leader in online gaming software that is localized by language market. We were one of the first to launch multi-lingual pengeluaran hk in 1997. Currently, our casino product supports 16 languages and we have in-house translation, marketing, and 24/7 customer support for all those language markets. We believe that by localizing the poker product we can bring the game of poker to more people. Professional poker players in most markets know how to play in English, but the game can be complex & intimidating for many casual or new players so we believe that by offering the software in more players’ native languages we will open up the excitement and thrill of poker to the general population. That is why we also offer a tutorial and training room for new players.”

Everest Poker won’t be stopping there either! They have plans for many more languages in 2005, they will be adding Traditional Chinese, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian. Later in the year there are plans to introduce more complex languages such as Chinese, Greek, Korean and Hebrew.

Grand Virtual are making great progress in becoming one of the few truly worldwide poker sites and with a signup bonus of $100 at Everest Poker they could become of the most popular poker sites around.

Boomtowns to Poker Blogs – Situs Judi QQOnline Terpercaya

Boomtowns to Poker Blogs – Situs Judi QQOnline Terpercaya



Poker first appeared in the United States in the 1820s, brought to New Orleans by French immigrants who called the game poque. It traveled up the Mississippi River and spread throughout the country, soon becoming an underground national pastime, baseball for the unathletic. As the century turned, Situs Judi QQOnline Terpercayapoker maintained its popularity, but lost its phenomenon status. Though television shows like “Maverick” in 1957 and the 1971 mini-series “The Gambler” later mythologized the poker players of the good old days — the dandified 1840s gambler, kind to women and merciless to cheaters — no one looked for glory or drama in modern poker anymore. To callow youth like me, the game looked like just another thing that Babbitty men did, like the Rotary club, or golf. People’s dads played poker.


And then we started playing poker, too. Like everything else with my generation, technological innovation helped enable our new hobby. By the late ’90s and early 2000s, dozens of online casinos had sprung up, allowing the Internet to tap its full potential as a 24-hour gaming paradise. Free from the annoying sanctions of the U.S. Penal Code, these offshore virtual Monte Carlos offered interested parties the opportunity to wager ’round the clock. Especially popular were online poker rooms, where you could play — for money, real or fake — against all comers. For many would-be players, the fear of looking like confused novices in front of a room full of old hands used to keep them from the tables. Now, the online poker rooms provide a convenient place to learn and refine the game at home with no one watching. More recent arrivals are the poker blogs shilling for their favorite sites, swooning over their favorite pros, and telling their stories about …

Advanced Poker Odds Calculations on

Advanced Poker Odds Calculations on



By now, hopefully you’ve had a chance to read some or all of my numerous posts on calculating hand odds for Texas Hold’em. Let’s have a look at some more advanced calculations, including determining the number of possible specific hands. (Warning: math ahead. But it’s easy, I swear.) With cards, order of dealing sort of matters. As far as betting goes, the order cards appear makes a difference to your betting. Obviously, an A-A in the pocket is more beneficial than A-x followed by an A in the flop. But as far as determining the value of your hand, the order of the 5 cards you get (2 in the pocket, 3 from any of the five community cards) doesn’t matter. So how do we factor this in?


First, we need some notation. In the mathematical field of game theory, two important terms are used: combinations and permutations. They are both from the mathematical field of combinatorics and optimization, which is a subset of statistics, and a superset of game theory.


A combination of objects doesn’t care about the order in which they are picked. A permutation does. For example, the number 967 is made of the digits 9, 6, and 7. So is 796, but it is a different permutation than 967, because order matters.


To calculate the number combinations or permutations related to a poker hand, we first need to understand the factorial notation. Don’t let the math terms scare you. It’s actually a really simple concept:


Factorial notation: n! = n x (n-1) x (n-2) x … x 1


0! = 1 [Don’t worry; it’s just the definition]

1! = 1

2! = 2×1 = 2

3! = 3×2×1 = 6

4! = 4×3×2×1 = 24



Pretty easy. …

Poker Gets Major from

Poker Gets Major from



We all know that poker is blowing up. One can flip through the programs of many cable networks and figure that out for themselves. However, many people are predicting that the craze will be over in a matter of a couple years, as networks slow down the airing of tournaments, and as they run out of ideas for new poker-based shows such as the Celebrity Poker series. One thing that those prophets had probably not counted on was NBC creating a major tournament to be aired exclusively on their major television network.


The 2005 National Heads-Up Championship will be the first poker tournament produced by and aired on a major television network. The tournament will have a $1.5 million prize pool, which should attract some big names, and in fact, the network has already invited many big names and colorful characters. Expect to see, of course, the two previous WSOP main event winners, Greg Raymer and Casino Extra Chris Moneymaker, as well as Doyle Brunson, Jonny Chan, and Howard Lederer. The tournament will air on consecutive Sundays beginning the 1st of May.


NBC’s brain-trust is planning to smartly capitalize on two things that have shown previous success on TV: Poker and the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament. In the 2005 National Heads-Up Championship, 64 professional poker players will play each other, in NCAA Tournament-style, heads-up until there is one player left – the National Champion. Not only is this good for TV, but for the poker world, it will be very interesting as well. Heads-up play creates a stage for players, where acting and reading the other player become even more important than the cards, and surely table talk will abound.


Another plus for this tournament is that it is invitation only. I …

WPT By The Book – Texas Hold’Em –

WPT By The Book – Texas Hold’Em –



The World Poker Tour’s (WPT) Mike Sexton, one of the two regular TV tourney commentators, faced off against 5 other well-known poker players in the WPT By the Book tourney yesterday. The common thread here is that all six players have written poker books, hence the name of the tourney.


I missed most of the tourney, catching only the last 15 minutes. At this point, Doyle Brunson is up against Phil Hellmuth – whose book, Phil Hellmuth’s Texas Hold’eEm, I’m currently reading. Phil has a Ks,Ts against Doyle’s Ad,5d, and a flop of 7h,Kh,3s. Fourth street pops up Ah, followed by a river of 6h.


Next hand: Phil’s open-ended straight draw, QsTc, is up against Doyle’s AhJc (flop of Ks,8c,Js) sees a 7d on 4th Street, followed by a river of 2h, knocking Hellmuth out at third place. The necessary 9-card just didn’t materialize.


This leaves Doyle up against David Sklansky, known as the math wizard, for top place. David – a math professor at Columbia University and a poker theoretician – can, at the drop of a hat, calculate the odds of his pocket cards winning – all in his head. David’s skills stood him in good stead, but Doyle’s really done in by a bunch of bad hands, leaving him in 2nd place.


WPT Ladies Night Tournament Summary


The WPT (World Poker Tour) held their Ladies Night Poker Tournament yesterday at the Bicycle Casino in California. There were lots of strong, aggressive players including several veterans.


Newcomer Lavinna Zhang from, who’s only been playing professionally for 6 months must have had much coaching from her poker pro husband, William. Her laid back attitude won her several hands early on. At least enough coaching that she took 2nd place, …

Decorating with Pantone’s 2016 Colors (Serenity + Rose Quartz)

Decorating with Pantone’s 2016 Colors (Serenity + Rose Quartz)

pantone serenity and rose quartzWith the start of March, we’ve had two months to decide whether we like Pantone’s choice of two colors for 2016. Serenity is a soft powder blue, and Rose Quartz is an equally soft salmony pink. There’s been a lot of “no ways” around the Internet on these two. If paired together in home decor, they tend to look like a baby’s room. They also seem to look great (and soon to be overdone) with weddings.

How best to use them? If together, in small doses to complement each other. If you’re using mostly blue, then use pink in a small shot of color in a pillow or vice versa. I think they work best separately, with neutrals much darker or lighter to set them off and lessen the over-sweet look they can take on. Try stark whites, dark grays, charcoal, and black. You’ll see a lot of examples of that on my Pinterest board.…